Michael Hauer | Arri Trinity
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Arri Trinity

The guts of the new ARRI Trinity are the Maxima Gimbal designed by FOMA systems and the Artemis steadicam sled designed by Curt Shaller. It is truly the first hybrid system that capitalizes on what both tools do best.


When the pan axis is on a motor, it can cause a delay that is all too common with many of the brushless gimbal systems on the market. The Trinity does not have a motorized pan, and instead puts the pan control back in the hands of the operator directly. When the steadicam post is neutrally balanced the Trinity operates like a handheld stabilized jib capable of a floor to ceiling boom range.  When jib boom range is not needed, it can seamlessly be operated as a traditional bottom heavy steadicam with a stabilized horizon.


In either mode, the tilt can be operated traditionally from the post, via joystick on the gimbal handle, or remotely by a 2nd operator on the wheels. Its truly steadicam 2.0.