Michael Hauer | Tools
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ARRI TRINITI Stabilizing Head

The Trinity is a hybrid gimbal/steadicam system. For more info click here

Steadicam Base Package

Michael’s Steadicam package supported by the industry standard GPI PRO arm capable of 72 lbs of camera payload. The Artemis sled is extremely adaptable with fine and coarse adjustments on each axis for extremely quick setup times. The package also includes a Walter Klassen Hardmount for easy mounting to follow cars, mitchell plates, and speed rail


Michael was one of the first Abelcine certified Movi technicians in the United States and an early adopter of the tool. As a steadicam operator he tends to think outside the box about how to best utilize the unique form factor of the tool rather than using it as a steadicam replica or replacement. For instance, a shot in this commercial called for the camera to travel out a window and travel multiple stories. He had Key Grip Chris Casavillain build a pulley system on a menace arm, pictured here. Michael was also the Movi op/technician for Netflix’s season 2, including this technically challenging fight sequence  

Walter Klassen Slingshot

The Slingshot is a Handheld bunji camera support that is an add on to the steadicam vest. It works well with the movi, trinity gimbal, or for handheld shots that require unique lens heights. It can be adjusted to have a small footprint to fit through doorways or a large one capable of shots 7ft high or scraping the ground. Here is a demo video of some configurations

PLC Veracity Wireless Wheels

Digital wheels for the Movi or Trinity Gimbal.